Anti-dandruff adjuvant treatment

The problem of dandruff causes discomfort and embarrassment and can give rise to bigger symptom problems. The presence of dandruff on the scalp can have different causes. The principal causes are stress on the body and mind and the proliferation of a micro-organism, the Malassezia Furfur which causes the peeling of the scalp. The dandruff can manifest as dry skin or oily skin. In the latter case, the presence of high amounts of lipid material creates an environment that is conducive to the proliferation of Malassezia furfur, thus accentuating the problem. Instead, dry dandruff occurs as flaking to a greater or lesser degree often accompanied by itching, but in the presence of a hypo-secretion of sebum. In this case it is important to resolve the problem by deeply moisturizing the scalp without irritating it any further.